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Alma means “Soul” in Spanish. We are an NGO, officially registered in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affaires since 2008.


Alma was founded to support any cause, of any kind, either in Spain or abroad.  We are already running educational, housing and development projects in Spain, Lebanon, India and Peru.


Alma never receives any money from the donations to pay any salaries or commissions, so the funds will always go straight to the projects and target communities.


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Alma particiaptes with funds and volunteering on projects related to Covid19, as well as with the inmigrant population in Madrid, together wit other foundations. We also organize activities in Spain to improve local underpriviledged people´s daylife, like donating toys to poor children  in Madrid during Christmas. Alma also organizes sports events for immigrant children so they can have other alternative to the streets of Madrid. In addtion to that, Alma also participates in fundraising events like parties, plays, and charity flea markets.



We are currently working on a project in India together with the local Ngo Shantidhara. The idea is to have a farm, a school and a residence for poor children, an extraordinary opportunity to have an education for them and to help their poor families directly as a consequence of that unexpected education. The sustainable farm will allow future children not to depend on any external help. We will manage the money that comes out of the crops of that farm to allow children from the poorest areas of India to have an education that would never ever expected to receive. We want the project to be able to be self sufficient and to be able to develop in a way to help families and children in the country that has the biggest number of poor people in the world.


You can get more information about the project in this awesome video



In addition to the above project, Alma is also currently helping with funds student individuals for health issues or to carry on advanced studies and colalbroating with Piyalu Association based in Barcelona.

Farmland project in India



An earth wake that happened in 2007 devastated most of Peru’s rural villages. Local authorities have never intended to help any village that has suffered the consequences of such a natural huge disaster. Alma went there help rebuild San Matías, a project financed by Fundación Profesor Uría.


Alma is also currently implementing several projetcs in the South of Lima related to emergency housing units, environment and local education in underpriviledged communities ,all in partnership with the Ngo Desco. You can find a video with subtitles about the new basic emergency home owner here


Alma has also donated computers to a Fe y Alegria School in the North of Lima for a new computer lab, in partnership with the Fe y Alegria Foundation.

Neighbours participating in environmental activities



Alma financed part of a project with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The project of Natakallam pairs students learning Arabic with displaced Syrians in Lebanon for conversation-focused sessions over the internet.

Through this online platform, students have the option of practicing their speaking skills, with full flexibility concerning the timing, length, and format of the sessions. They also engage in a unique cultural experience while providing Syrians with an enriching part-time work opportunity in a country where finding a worthwhile job is difficult.


You can find more info here

The project will help syrian refugees in Lebanon

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